World War 3 Alliances and Axis: Countries List Involved
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The countries that are most likely to initiate the third world war accidentally are the strongest. The Big 3: America, Russia, and China will play significant roles and establish world war 3 Alliances and Axis. What countries will involve in WW3, and how strong are their military power?

There are countless ways that World War 3 could begin. It might result from a new conflict in the Middle East, where different ideologies will clash with each other. The war could also result from recent tensions between Russia and NATO over Ukraine, or it may happen due to China’s growing military might.

The Big Three of World War 3

There are over 190 countries in the world. Out of all these countries, only seven have nuclear bombs, and five have enough to destroy the planet.

The Big 3 of WW3 will be America, Russia, and China.

These countries have the largest militariesGDP. According to this data, the United States military expenditures exceed those of Russia and China combined. The U.S. spent $664 billion on its military. In comparison, Russia spent $87 billion and China $34 billion on their militaries that same year.

As the military powers of China, America and Russia continue to expand, and these three nations are becoming increasingly involved in military activities. These nations are so powerful militarily that it is difficult for anyone nation to challenge their dominance.

World War 3 Alliances and Axis: Countries List Involved
World War 3 Alliances and Axis: Countries List Involved

World War iii Allies and Axis Predictions

Which countries will choose to be world war 3 alliances or Axis? Here’s a prediction and breakdown of each military power and which side these countries may choose.

World War 3 Alliances Military

America Military Power

The United States is currently the strongest military power in the world. It has more than 2.85 million active-duty soldiers and over 75,000 nuclear weapons. It ranks second on the list of the largest militaries in the world, only behind China.

America is most at-risk of starting WW3 accidentally. The United States is the most powerful military force in the world. In fact, America’s military budget is more than seven countries’ most significant military budgets combined.

With so many military bases in other countries and a large military presence, many people believe that America is already in the middle of World War 3.

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The United Kingdom Military Power

The United Kingdom is one of the most powerful militaries in the world. With naval ships covering every ocean to protect their interests, UK military poised to strike an enemy before they are attacked themselves.

U.S. and U.K. have an agreement, The US-UK defense treaty, which means that both countries are obliged to come to each other’s aid in the case of war.

Canada Military Power

Canada’s military has played a crucial role in the fight against terrorism for over two decades. Multiple Canadian troops participated in the NATO-led peacekeeping mission to Kosovo, and many more were deployed to Afghanistan following the events of September 11th.

The country’s troops have continued to act as peacekeepers worldwide, including countries such as Haiti and Sudan.

USA and Canada are dividedthe Pacific Ocean but have been allies since the days of the Cold War.

South Korea Military Power

The political climate of South Korea has long been volatile. The nation is less than 600 kilometers from the North Korean border, putting it in the direct firing line of any potential military engagement between the two countries.

South Korea is one of the few countries in the world to have mandatory military service for males. Military readiness, including elite units like the K-2 tank division and naval Special Warfare Command.

World War 3 Axis Military

China Military Power

The future of the world will depend on what China will do in a war. Already, China has been testing its military powerbuilding artificial islands and making other strategic moves to bolster its navy.

In a recent military exercise, China used 12,000 troops, 30 warships, and about 400 aircraft to simulate an invasion of Taiwan.

China’s military might is growing fast. It has approximately 4.5 million active-duty soldiers and more than 50,000 ICBMs.

Russia Military Power

Russia has always been known as the military power of world war 3. With its large army, Russia can withstand military attacks from other countries.

Russia’s military strategy is to not engage in an all-out war with other nations but uses their power for defensive purposes. Russia’s strong economy and a large population can field a sizable military force that can project power into other countries.

Russia’s military power is comparable to that of Germany or France. It has approximately 3.15 million active-duty soldiers and nearly 90,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

North Korea Military Power

North Korea’s military is prepared to join the many nations in a world war.

North Korea has been preparing for a possible third world wardeveloped its nuclear weapons and begun military exercises to prepare for an attack.

North Korea has about 1.1 million active military personnel and reserves that are given around two weeks of training per year. This makes North Korea one of the largest standing militaries in the world.

North Korea’s military consists of 324,090 active-duty soldiers, 170,000 guards in border regions, 510 air force pilots, 1,190 navy personnel.

North Korea has declared that it has a large military and is ready to fight against the world in a global war. They have been in many battles with their southern neighbor, creating tension with their neighbors.

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India Military Power

India’s military is multiplying and is now considered a “nuclear-armed superpower”. India has the 3rd largest standing army in the world, with about 2.3 million active personnel.

With a population of over 3.32 billion people, India has the 7th largest military budget globally. However, India spends about $4.4 billion annually on its military.

India’s military power is ranked 4th globally. It is estimated that India has 120-180 nuclear weapons, more than any other country.

World War 3 Countries List
World War 3 Countries List

Other WW3 Countries

Neutral countries in world war 3

If World War 3 breaks out, there will likely be countries on both sides who have chosen to remain neutral.

There are many reasons for a country to choose neutrality in a war. Still, some of these include a lack of natural resources or population size.

Although they may not be as powerful as some other countries on either side, these neutral nations could still play an essential role in ending the war.

Countries with sworn enemies for years

It is impossible for a country that has had conflicts with other countries for years to be together on the same side.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have issues with Iran’s nuclear program and are both allies of Israel. They are also both involved in proxy wars in Syria and Yemen.

Other sworn enemies Sri Lanka and China, have a border dispute, which has lasted for decades. The two countries have tried to resolve this peacefully, but nothing has worked.

North Korea and Japan share the same language, but a war mars their relationship sixty years ago.

Germany and Russia have a turbulent relationship, which has resulted in many military clashes.

More in What Will Cause WW3

Countries Religion View

Religion view could affect a country to choose The Alliances or The Axis in world war 3.

Religion often reflects a country’s political ideology. These days, it is speculated that countries in the Middle East will side with Russia in any future World War III because of Russia’s strong ties to countries in the region through business and arms deals.

When two countries with different religions are stuck in a battle against each other, the religious differences could be the deciding factor for one of these countries to choose sides. Some regions are more spiritual than others and might incline to follow their country’s leaders.

These most common religions around the world: Christian, Islam, Buddha, Hindu, and Catholic, have substantial power to change the tide of the battle in world war 3.

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Which Country Will Win World War 3

The Big Three will be the crucial factor to win the world war 3 Alliances or Axis. The United States has continued to be the world’s most powerful country. China has been steadily growing in power, and Russia has been actively increasing its military might.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “War is never good for anyone.” The only reason we fight wars is to protect people or our homeland, but most of the time, they cause more harm than good and leave a country crippled and broken.

There’s no such thing as a fair fight in the war because everyone loses. Wars always sound like the best option when they happen, but you’ll never see the result until it’s too late.

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