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6 Reason of World War 3 Outbreaks – WW3

The escalation of inter-state conflicts in some places did not show a declining trend. Indeed, the potential for war continues to smolder in the present, and future. If the United Nations (UN) failed to reconcile the conflict between the state and even the country’s internal rebellion, it should be possible, WW3 will erupt in the near future.

This is 6 reason for outbreak of World War 3:


1. The conflict in the South China Sea

Tensions in the South China Sea involving six countries in the region – there has been no sign of an end by peaceful means that a win-win solution for all. If the United States (US) are involved in it, then a great war was inevitable.

2. Lust North Korea War

Big appetite North Korea continues to arm itself with Inter-Continent missiles. Based on its leaders claim, the missile capable of reaching the continental of United States.

North Korean anger against the United States was never extinguished. Moreover, the US have always shown support for South Korea and Japan, North Korea’s closest neighbors.

On the other hand, the two Korea-old feud long is far from over. North Korea has never intentioned peace with his brother, South Korea.

3. The Middle East conflict (Syria Cs)

Prolonged conflict in Syria, which also involves Iran and Russia – has the potential to ignite a wider war if the United States goes into it, in the name of humanity – defended the anti-regime rebels Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

syria conflict
Syria conflict could trigger WW3

4. Israel, US Golden Boy

Israel actions showed no sign of making peace with the Palestinians and their surrounding perennial, it can trigger a war on a large scale. Given that, the US has always been behind Israel.

US & Israel
US & Israel

The war could erupt in the global order, if the US decision sided with Israel, is contraindicated by Russia, China, and countries in the Middle East.

5. Donald Trump, The Trigger

The election of the controversial leader, Donald Trump as President of the United States, which so far has shown not friendly to China, ISIS and the country which he predicts as an exporter of terrorism (whether which country he meant), can ignite a war.

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War will be broad in scope when the US act without restraint against countries it deems unilaterally as a base for terrorism.

Coverage of war will escalate if Russian and US allies in Europe responded the same way.

6. Hunting for Energy Oil and Food

In the end, all the countries will depend on petroleum as a mover of all activity, including war. So, seizure and monopoly over areas that have oil deposits will inevitably ahead.

Remember, petroleum reserves continued to erode in the source countries. That is why, when the next, the superpowers led by tyranny was unwilling to go through diplomacy and peace, a war could break out because of the black gold rush. Except, in the foreseeable future, there is alternative energy that can ensure replacement of the dominance of petroleum.

food shortages
food shortages

The availability of food and clean water will be a thorny issue. Secondly, it is now dwindling. Dryness, anomalous weather, natural disasters, less land of food crops changed for buildings and infrastructure, and as a result of the war will cause contamination of groundwater and food deficit in the present and especially the future.

Water and food supply unfit for consumption might be the reason for the seizure of a territory, and war broke out.

Are You Ready?

That’s 6 Reason of WW3 Outbreaks that could potentially happen in the present or in the future. All countries can (forced) involved, in order to maintain its territory, national pride, and the wealth of its natural resources from any attack or aggression.

Finally, in the context of the true sound of the adage that this paradox: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum, which means Who Want Peace, Prepare for War. [CT]

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